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Dynamic management environment for analysis and evaluation of the coding of BOTs

Sin infraestructura_B1.png

It does not require additional infrastructure

Estandarizacion de RPA_B2.png

Standardization of code scanning and analysis criteria within the contemplated platforms

Estandarización QA_B3.png

Standardization of QA processes and release of resources

Agilidad de mantenimiento RPA_B4.png

It allows agility and opportunity in the implementation of adjustments and improvements of the BOT

Reducción de errorres_B5.png

Decrease in the rate of errors in preventive or corrective maintenance of the code

Reducción de riesgo_B6.png

Reduction of the risk of failures of BOTs released into production

Mejora de tiempo_B7.png

Improved response times for detecting and correcting errors in the code

Auditoria RPA_B8.png

Supports audit processes by automating code review according to industry best practices


Evaluación de bots RPA_C1.png

Automatic generation of the BOTs code status score based on best practices

Scaneo de BOTs RPA_C2.png

Automated scanning of lines of code

Escaneo multiplataforma RPA_C3.png

Cross-platform scanning of BOTs

Servicio en la nube_C4.png

100% cloud service


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